Emerging Scholars Network - Call for Applications

Connecting the next generation of leading thinkers

The Kaldor Centre’s next-generation Emerging Scholars Network is a new, global and growing group of early-career scholars focusing on refugee and migration issues.

As record numbers of people around the world are displaced, it is more important than ever for scholars in this field to learn from one another’s expertise. To connect ideas. To build research relationships for better outcomes. This is why the Kaldor Centre formed the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) in 2015.

Already ESN members from Australia, the UK and the US regularly connect to share ideas across myriad disciplines, including in the areas of refugee mental health, political theory and governance, migration law, and disaster-related displacement.  

The ESN ensures these up-and-coming scholars also have the opportunity to engage directly with senior academics and global policymakers. In November 2016, the Network initiated an annual ESN workshop coinciding with the Kaldor Centre's flagship Annual Conference. Senior scholars also joined the workshop to discuss and develop Emerging Scholars' research.

In 2017, the ESN is expanding with a new Asia-Pacific research group, in line with Kaldor Centre’s increasing focus on regional refugee protection more broadly.

You can learn more about members of the Kaldor Centre’s ESN   through their profiles here.

Join the Emerging Scholars Network

The Kaldor Centre invites scholars, from honours to post-doctoral level, to join the ESN. Scholars who wish to join are asked to email Dr Claire Higgins at kaldor-emergingscholars-owner@lists.unsw.edu.au with a short summary of their qualifications and current research activities in this field.

Scholars undertaking research on refugees and forced migration in the Asia-Pacific, who wish to join the ESN's Asia-Pacific research group, are invited to apply here: Call for Applications. Scholars based at universities in the Asia-Pacific region are particularly encouraged to apply, although applications from outside the region will also be considered provided the research is relevant to the group's focus [moved this text from below]. Scholars added to the Asia-Pacific research group will automatically become members of the broader ESN. Existing members of the ESN who wish to join the Asia-Pacific research group should also apply through the Call for Applications. Questions about the ESN's Asia-Pacific research group should be directed to Madeline Gleeson at kaldor-emergingscholars-asiapacific@lists.unsw.edu.au