5 things to read on Trump's executive orders

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Looking for background and analysis of US President Trump's executive orders on immigration and refugees? Here are five reads to get an overview of developments and key issues:


1. Matt Zapotosky, 'Trump says he’ll issue a new executive order on immigration by next week', Washington Post, 16 Feb 2017 

President Trump indicates that he will soon issue a new executive order on immigration.


2. Maryellen Fullerton, 'Trump, Turmoil and Terrorism: The US Immigration and Refugee Ban', Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, 16 Feb 2017 

A clear explainer on the current executive orders on immigration outlining key developments and legal challenges since they were signed.


3. Fiona Adamson, 'Trump’s Executive Orders on Migration and Security: Policy Incompetence, Political Theater or Ideological Pivot?' Center for Migration Studies, 9 Feb 2017

A discussion of the current executive orders' policy merits and political motivations.


4. 'The Impact of President Trump’s Executive Orders on Asylum Seekers', Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program, Harvard Law School, 8 Feb 2017

An analysis of the human rights implications of the current executive orders for asylum seekers in the US, including concerns about detention, due process and refoulement.


5. ‘Facts on Trump’s Immigration Order’, Factcheck.org, 9 Feb 2017

A factcheck on the number of people affected by the current executive orders, relevant legal arguments, the links between terrorism and immigration in the US, and the US refugee resettlement process.



Where to find:

The text of the current executive orders 

The decision of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Joint IOM-UNHCR Statement on President Trump’s Refugee Order