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This year, we will celebrate five years since the Kaldor Centre was established. In this time, we have developed a trusted, powerful voice on international refugee law. Our expertise is regularly sought by UN and other international organisations, decision-makers, lawyers, media, civil society and the private sector.

Here in Australia, we have witnessed momentous challenges to refugee protection in this time. At the forefront of this public debate, the Kaldor Centre contributes independent analysis, valuable international perspective, and a crucial evidence base to the pursuit of alternative policies. Our experts actively engage policymakers and serve as a unique resource for civil society.

Recent developments in Australian refugee policy not only undermine the protections available to people seeking safety, but raise critical questions about the limits of legislative and executive power, with major implications for the rule of law in this country. The legal boundaries of Australia’s refugee policy are being tested in the courts, as seen in an upsurge in litigation in this field.

This year we have embarked on a new project to chart the evolution of domestic legislation and case law impacting people seeking asylum in Australia. We are launching a national network of academics seeking to collaborate with legal practitioners to strengthen strategic litigation for people seeking protection. By connecting scholarship and practice, we will continue to lead the way on principled refugee law and policy reform in Australia.

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