"Every human being on the Earth deserves to have a proper life, a permanent life. For me, it's like, if I have tomorrow, I'll be happy."

 – Zaki Haidari, in 'Temporary'

The Kaldor Centre's new storytelling project ‘Temporary’ reveals – in long-form stories, podcasts, art and photography – the lives of people who came to Australia seeking refuge, and the laws that entangle them in an endless uncertainty.

Australia is infamous for its offshore detention regime. Less well known is that, once those remote islands were ‘full’, 30,000 more people remained in Australia – their boats arrived but their lives were stopped by rules that deny them stability. These people live in our cities and towns in an endless limbo.   

Temporary’ gives voice to these people in the so-called ‘legacy caseload’, who go largely unseen and unheard among us. Their journeys come to life in our online series, vividly illustrated by refugee artists and photographers, and their voices rise from an eight-episode podcast series co-produced with UNSW Centre for Ideas and Guardian Australia. 

If you’ve ever wondered what Australia’s hostility to refugees means in human terms, delve into ‘Temporary’. The series will help you understand how people survive in spite of a system designed to keep them out. 

Explore ‘Temporary’ now.  

The Kaldor Centre plays a vital role in developing legal, sustainable and humane solutions for displaced people around the world.