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Pandemics and internal borders: is history repeating itself?

Published on : 30/11/2020

UNSW Sydney academics receive a Special Research Initiative grant for a project on internal border regulation in Australia around public health concerns.

Kiribati youth on the sand

New policy brief: How Australia must prepare for climate displacement in the Pacific

Published on : 22/10/2020

‘Climate Change, Disasters and Mobility: A Roadmap for Australian Action’ identifies the reasons why Australia must strengthen its supports for Pacific Islanders who may need to flee their homes – and charts the way towards a win-win future.

Before international travel resumes, airport asylum procedures should be fixed

Published on : 15/09/2020

Kaldor Centre policy brief argues for reform of shadowy process that puts the emphasis on visa cancellation, detention and deportation rather than protection for refugees.

Australian Parliament

Centre points to dangerous consequences of mobile phone ban plan

Published on : 03/07/2020

Enabling Australia’s Border Force and Immigration Minister to ban mobile phones for people in detention would have dangerous consequences, the Kaldor Centre told a Senate committee today, urging the Senate to reject a proposal that would damage individual wellbeing and decrease public accountability.

Parliament House Australia

Kaldor Centre urges principled approach in pandemic legislation

Published on : 13/05/2020

Migrants, refugees, and other displaced people cannot be detained where that would expose them to serious risks to their life or health due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kaldor Centre says in a submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights.


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