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Dr Katty Alhayek on Facebook, fans and watching tv while forcibly displaced

Published on : 06/09/2021

Dr. Katty Alhayek is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Georgetown University and part of our Displaced Scholars Peer Mentoring Program.

Repatriated Afghan child

There is no 'right way' for Afghan refugees to seek asylum

Published on : 01/09/2021

By Riona Moodley

Representative image/ Nafis Al Sadnan  from Unsplash

Australia's response to the Afghanistan crisis: Dr Claire Higgins interview

Published on : 20/08/2021

‘The Taliban taking power in Afghanistan is causing a major humanitarian crisis. So what is Australia’s responsibility in helping civilians, and those who have aided Australia, to flee the country? 

The Tampa affair: 20 years on

Published on : 10/08/2021

This page contains resources on the 'Tampa affair', a turning point in the history of Australia's asylum and refugee policy.

Endurance by Alwy Fadhel

Cruel, costly and ineffective: the failure of offshore processing in Australia

Published on : 10/08/2021

The so-called ‘Australian model’ of offshore processing did not stop boats and did not save lives, Kaldor Centre researchers show.

Young woman reading book in library stacks, image by Eliott Reyna

Incorporating lived experiences of displacement in international law scholarship

Published on : 26/07/2021

The perspectives of those with lived experience of displacement are remarkably absent from international law scholarship.

What is occurring in the seas north and west of Australia? We have no way of knowing

Published on : 07/07/2021

The following remarks by Senior Research Fellow Madeline Gleeson were delivered on 7 July 2021 at the virtual panel discussion, ‘Human Rights Impact of Pushbacks of Migrants’, launching the r

'Temporary' wins Humanitarian Award for Media

Published on : 24/06/2021

The NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS), in partnership with the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA), honoured

White House credit splash/Tabrez Syed

Kaldor Centre provides expertise to Biden review into climate change and migration

Published on : 24/06/2021

The Kaldor Centre’s two written submissions to the US State Department’s review of migration in the context of climate change, posted today, provide a wide-ranging analysis of the policy challenges confronting the Biden Administration as it seeks to exert f


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