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Published on : 06/05/2021
Arid landscape

Mobility in the Context of Disasters and Climate Change in Africa: A starting point for solutions

Published on : 05/05/2021

When we talk about law and policy responses to

New global dataset: What ‘planned relocation’ looks like in the context of disasters and climate change

Published on : 31/03/2021

Faced with increasing exposure to disasters and the intensifying effects of climate change, some communities opt to move permanently out of harm’s way.

Goodwin-Gill at ASIL: UNHCR mandate needs to be updated

Published on : 29/03/2021
Lauren Martin

UNHCR’s mandate should be rewritten, Professor Guy S Goodwin-Gill told the American Society of International Law’s 2021 annual meeting.

Australian Parliament House

Kaldor Centre urges against passage of ‘secret evidence’ Bill

Published on : 02/03/2021

By Dr Sangeetha Pillai


The dirty history surrounding Rohingya movements since 1978

Published on : 25/02/2021
Phil Robertson

Could the Biden administration pressure Australia to adopt more humane refugee policies?

Published on : 02/02/2021

If history is any guide, the new US president’s forward-thinking approach toward refugee resettlement could help drive Australia’s commitments to refugee protection, too.

In Australia and the UK, focus is on costs of detention

Published on : 01/02/2021

On the basis that ‘it’s cheaper’, Australia’s Home Affairs minister, Peter Dutton, has in recent weeks released about 60 refugees into the community, a policy about-face that suddenly brought the costs of immigration detention


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