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History, Headlines and the Law: What's shaping refugee policy in Australia?

Published on : 08/11/2017

From ‘asylum seekers’ to ‘illegals’. From an Immigration Department to Border Protection officers. From welcoming Indochinese in the 1970s to Operation Sovereign Borders patrols today.

Three things to know about plans to ban mobile phones in immigration detention

Published on : 06/11/2017

Ahead of the Senate committee report into the legislation allowing the minister to ban mobile phones from immigration detention, the Kaldor Centre breaks down the key points.

How Australia got into the ‘dead end’ of refugee offshore detention

Published on : 02/11/2017

As Australia’s deadline to close its offshore camp on Manus passes, Australian refugee policy expert Claire Higgins explains the social and political factors that molded the country’s changing policies toward asylum seekers arriving by boat.

RN Interview: Origins of Australia's refugee policy

Published on : 16/10/2017

In the National Archives, historian Claire Higgins found a list detailing the various options given to the Fraser government on dealing with unauthorised asylum seekers arriving by boat.

Watch Breaking the Deadlock: Creating solutions for refugees

Published on : 03/10/2017

Worried about how future people movements will impact Australia? You are not alone.

Refugee policies of detention, turnbacks rejected in the 70s

Published on : 03/10/2017

A government under intense pressure from unprecedented numbers of asylum seekers arriving by boat, its radical policy attracting global attention; this might sound like contemporary Australia.

Asylum By Boat: New book goes behind the scenes to trace the origins of Australia’s refugee policy

Published on : 03/10/2017

The ‘White Australia’ policy was not long gone when the first refugees from communist Vietnam sailed into Darwin Harbour, seeking asylum and inadvertently challenging the Fraser government to reject now-familiar policies such as turnbacks and detention, and to define a new national identity.

What followed is an astonishing story of necessity and invention, vividly told in Asylum By Boat: Origins of Australia’s refugee policy (NewSouth).

The law in the life of a refugee: Madeline Gleeson in ABC podcast

Published on : 28/09/2017

Storytelling makes sense of chaos through narrative structure, and this ABC podcast Shooting the Past puts together the story behind a photo of Prahran expert rugmaker Najaf Mazeri, who fled Afghanistan for Australia in 2001.

How do Italy’s orderly Humanitarian Corridors work?

Published on : 12/09/2017

Italy’s church-led Humanitarian Corridors are changing the lives of some vulnerable Syrian refugees. So far, in 18 months, about 850 refugees have been resettled.

Submission details ‘serious concerns’ in citizenship legislation

Published on : 02/08/2017

Proposed changes to Australia’s citizenship laws would bear harshly on refugees and dramatically increase the powers of the Minister, according to a Senate submission by members of the Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law and the


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