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Alexander Betts explores ways societies might empower refugees rather than pushing them to the margins

Published on : 15/03/2016

Alexander Betts is director of the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford, a Kaldor Centre international partner.

Dr Claire Higgins speaks to 2SER Radio about public opinion on asylum seekers

Published on : 29/02/2016

Kaldor Centre Research Associate, Dr Claire Higgins, spoke to 2SER Radio's 'Election Nerds' ab

New report - International Law and Sea-Level Rise: Forced Migration and Human Rights

Published on : 11/02/2016

The Fridtjof Nansen Institute, in cooperation with the Kaldor Centre, has published a new report titled International Law and Sea-Level Rise: Forced Migration and Human Rights. The report is co-authored by Kaldor Centre Director Jane McAdam, Bruce Burson, Walter Kälin and Sanjula Weerasinghe. It provides a general overview of the international law issues relating to sea-level rise, (forced) migration and human rights.

Steering the Refugee Dialogue from Risk to Opportunity

Published on : 28/01/2016

The Young Global Leaders (YGL) of the World Economic Forum met at a Roundtable in Davos on Friday. Coordinated by Professor Jane McAdam and four other YGLs, participants discussed how to shift the refugee conversation towards opportunity and away from risk.

Persecution disguised as fighting terrorism

Dr Melissa Crouch
Published on : 28/01/2016

First published: 'Persecution disguised as fighting terrorism', Sydney Morning Herald, 28 January 2016

Refugees top issue at Davos

Published on : 21/01/2016

Kaldor Centre Director Professor Jane McAdam and UNSW Professor Sarah Kenderdine will join U2 front man Bono and politicians including Justin Trudeau and David Cameron at a meeting of the world’s most influential leaders in Switzerland this week.

Kaldor Centre Biannual Newsletter - July to December 2015

Published on : 18/12/2015

The Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law produces a biannual newsletter. Read the latest newsletter here for an outline of activity and publications from the Centre in the second half of 2015.

Persecution of Muslims in Myanmar is misunderstood by the West

Published on : 03/12/2015

Centre Member, Melissa Crouch, writes in the Sydney Morning Herald: 'The debate on asylum seekers from Myanmar in Australia is ill-informed and skewed.

Project Updates - July to December 2015

Published on : 30/11/2015

The work of the Centre is based around a team of law scholars at UNSW Law with expertise in the international, comparative and domestic dimensions of refugee law and policy.

Forced migration through climate change

Professor Jane McAdam
Published on : 29/11/2015

The changing climate will be the focus of world leaders in the coming week as they gather for the Climate Conference in Paris. Professor Jane McAdam speaks with ABC Radio National about the affects of climate change on migration.


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