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The Clash Over the Paris Climate Talks

Published on : 27/11/2015

Kaldor Centre Director, Professor Jane McAdam, was interviewed in this piece for The Atlantic published on 19 November 2

Jane McAdam speaks with RN Breakfast

Published on : 20/11/2015

Professor Jane McAdam speaks with James Carleton on RN Breakfast about the huge numbers of refugees and other displaced people on the move from Syria and other conflict zones.

Don't punish refugees for the Paris attacks

Published on : 19/11/2015

It would be a shame if the Paris attacks were used to justify harsher refugee policies, either in Australia or abroad. Now more than ever we must avoid divisive actions, writes Erika Feller in The Drum.

An interview with Prof Guy Goodwin-Gill

Published on : 16/11/2015

We revisit a 2010 Lateline interview by Prof Guy S Goodwin-Gill on the politically charged issue of asylum seekers. The insights he gave then are just as relevant today, when even more refugees are in need of international protection.

Professor Jane McAdam wins the global category at the Women of Influence awards

Published on : 19/10/2015

Professor McAdam, Director of the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, was named one of Australia's most influential women in the 2015 Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards. Professor McAdam won the global category of the competition for her work investigating the legal issues that affect the fate of asylum seekers.

Open letter to Malcolm Turnbull on cancelled visit of UN Special Rapporteur

Published on : 28/09/2015

More than 60 scholars have signed an open letter to express their concern at the cancellation of a visit to Australia by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants, Francois Crepeau.

Free resources on the refugee crisis in Europe now available from Oxford University Press

Published on : 25/09/2015

In response to the refugee crisis in Europe, Oxford University Press has made more than 30 book chapters, journal articles, and pieces of content from online resources freely accessible to assist those working with refugees on the ground, as well as anyone

Professor Jane McAdam named amongst 100 Women of Influence 2015

Published on : 24/09/2015

Professor Jane McAdam has been named amongst 100 Women of Influence for 2015. The award, sponsored by the Australian Financial Review and Westpac, recognises women who demonstrate leadership and outstanding contribution to public life.

Are people ‘refugees’ if they flee the impacts of climate change?

Published on : 17/09/2015

Professor Jane McAdam spoke to Radio NZ about whether people fleeing the impacts of climate change can be considered 'refugees' under international law.

Europe cannot follow Australia's example on refugees

Published on : 15/09/2015

Professor Jane McAdam spoke to Lawyers Weekly about how the European Union's human rights regime prevents it from adopting refugee policies like those found in Australia.


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