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Human crisis or crisis of humanity? Professor Jane McAdam speaks with Radio National

Professor Jane McAdam
Published on : 06/09/2015

Pressure is continuing to grow to make European nations take a more active role in aiding the surge of refugees fleeing Syria. Both Austria and Germany have now opened their borders to thousands.

Professor Jane McAdam speaks to ABC radio on Europe's refugee response

Published on : 04/09/2015

Professor Jane McAdam spoke to ABC 702 Sydney about Europe's response to the current migration 'crisis'.

Migrant Crisis: What Else Could Europe Try?

Published on : 26/08/2015

Tens of thousands of migrants continue to queue at the borders of the European Union in search of a better life. Their journeys are often hazardous and thousands have drowned in the Mediterranean trying to reach Italy or Greece.

Catastropic Science: the communities displaced by global warming

Published on : 12/08/2015

Professor Jane McAdam, Kaldor Centre Director, is featured in the latest video in a series by UNSWTV called 'Catastrophic Science'.

Professor Goodwin-Gill's address on 'Regulating “Irregular” Migration: International Obligations and International Responsibilities'

Published on : 10/07/2015

Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill, a member of the Kaldor Centre's Advisory Committee, gave an address to an international workshop held by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Faculty of Law, 20 March 2015.

Call for papers: International Refugee Law Student Writing Competition

Published on : 02/07/2015

The American Society of International Law’s International Refugee Law Interest Group (IRLIG) has announced its second annual International Refugee Law Student Writing Competition.

Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill speaks on challenges for refugee protection and assistance in the 21st century

Published on : 02/07/2015

Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill, a member of the Kaldor Centre's Advisory Committee, gave an address to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Ad Hoc Committee on Large Scale Arrivals of Refugees to Turkey on the 14 June 2015.

Prof Jane McAdam featured amongst women changing our world

Published on : 30/06/2015

UNSW recently profiled top-performing female researchers whose work is having an impact on important global issues. Kaldor Centre Director, Professor Jane McAdam, was featured for her leadership in the area of international refugee law.

Scholarship created in honour of Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill

Published on : 29/06/2015

The University of London has established a prestigious scholarship in honour of Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill, a member of the Kaldor Centre Advisory Committee.

Professor McAdam speaks on climate change, disasters and displacement for the Refugee Law Observatory

Published on : 12/06/2015

Kaldor Centre Director, Professor Jane McAdam, has just released the following video on climate change, disasters and displacement, which was originally posted on the Refugee Law Observatory website. 


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