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A Well-Founded Fear of Being Persecuted … But When?

Published on : 08/10/2019

By Jane McAdam

Human breakdown, in 28 notes

Published on : 30/09/2019

Lauren Martin   

The first substantial report describing the ‘dire’ mental health situation in Australia’s offshore detention regime emerged in November 2012, just weeks after the first people were transferred offshore. Many more were to come.  

Leading debate: Gleeson named as prize finalist

Published on : 26/09/2019

Kaldor Centre Senior Research Associate Madeline Gleeson is a finalist in UNSW’s inaugural Emerging Thought Leader Prize.  

The $8,000 prize recognises researchers who take evidence and critical thinking into the public debate. 

Corridors of hope: What one Italian ‘lifeline’ delivers

Published on : 23/09/2019

 By Claire Higgins

International Association of Refugee and Migration Judges conference Cape Town Sept 2019

Judges’ role in Africa’s expanded refugee definition

Published on : 05/09/2019

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1969 OAU Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugees in Africa (1969 Convention).


Cities and Displacement: Goodwin-Gill on Improving Policy and Practice

Professor Guy S Goodwin-Gill
Published on : 27/08/2019

The camp or the settlement, though they may differ to those who know, has long been the trope characterizing the refugee and the displaced, often with negative connotations.

Why medevac system should stay: Kaldor Centre recommends strongly against repeal

Published on : 22/08/2019

The so-called ‘medevac law’ minimises the risk of delay, uncertainty and politicisation of medical decisions, and it should not be repea

Gillian Triggs at 2017 Kaldor Centre Sydney Opera House event

Triggs to lead protection at UNHCR

Published on : 20/08/2019

The Kaldor Centre extends our congratulations to Gillian Triggs on her appointment as UNHCR’s Assistant High Commissioner for Protection. 

Lifetime ban Bill is ‘harsh, excessive, discriminatory and incompatible’ with international law

Published on : 15/08/2019

Parliament should reject a proposal to permanently ban individual refugees from Australia because it is excessive, could separate children from their family; and undermines basic human rights, says a Senate submission from the Kaldor Centre. It is incompatible with Australia’s obligations under international law.


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