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Madeline Gleeson

Gleeson is 'One to Watch' in international affairs list

Published on : 09/03/2020

Kaldor Centre Senior Research Associate Madeline Gleeson has been named one of 2020's Young Women to Watch in International Affairs. Young Australians International Affairs released the 2020 list on International Woman’s Day.

“Climate refugees”: a historic decision of the UN Human Rights Committee?

Published on : 12/02/2020

“Climate refugees”: an historic decision of the UN Human Rights Committee?

This article was first published in The Conversation (France) LINK: https://theconversation.com/refugies-climatiques-une-decision-historique...
on 12 February 2020 and appears here translated from the original French.

By Camille Malafosse and Domenico Zipoli

Australian OPCAT Network reports on immigration issues

Published on : 10/02/2020

Concerns about ‘cruel and arbitrary treatment’ in Australia’s immigration detention system are laid out in a report by the Australian OPCAT Network.

Goodwin-Gill to receive prestigious Riesenfeld Award

Published on : 10/02/2020

The Kaldor Centre’s Professor Guy S. Goodwin-Gill will be honoured for his outstanding contributions to the field of international law with the 2020 Stefan A. Riesenfeld Memorial Award.

Kaldor’s Brian Barbour drives path-breaking refugee legal aid pledge with PILnet

Published on : 19/12/2019

With a goal that every refugee would have access to a lawyer, the global legal community committed this week to 125,000 pro bono hours for refugee legal aid, in an extraordinary collaborative pledge unveiled at the

Goodwin-Gill at Bangkok Roundtable

Lawyers’ Roundtable brings strategic thinking to refugee rights in South Asia

Published on : 13/12/2019

With more than 2.6 million refugees in South Asia, Kaldor Centre experts last week joined a Roundtable of Legal Practitioners, to devise legal strategies and coordinate responses.

McAdam named Australian Academy of Law Fellow

Published on : 10/12/2019

UNSW Scientia Professor and Kaldor Centre Director Jane McAdam has been invited to become a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law.

Parliament House

Kaldor Centre Statement on the medevac repeal

Published on : 04/12/2019

The Kaldor Centre is disappointed at today’s repeal of two important measures: the ‘medevac’ framework that provided an avenue for sick people to be brought to Australia from Nauru and Papua New Guinea (PNG) for urgent medical or psychiatric treatment or as

Australian Quarterly looks at Australia’s asylum challenges

Published on : 02/12/2019

In the October-December 2019 issue of Australian Quarterly magazine, the Kaldor Centre’s Tristan Harley has published ‘Global Compact on Refugees: Opportunities for Australian reform and leadership?’.


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