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Climate change displacement is happening now: podcast

Published on : 25/03/2019

The hosts of the Vox Media/International Rescue Committee podcast ‘Displaced’ say this conversation with Kaldor Centre Director Jane McAdam changed their minds about ‘climate change refugees’.

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Why we need a Global Compact on Migration

Published on : 13/12/2018

Put simply, we need a Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration because we believe in order, and not chaos, writes Guy Goodwin-Gill.

Kaldor Centre Conference Insights Report

Published on : 12/12/2018

When Former Assistant High Commissioner for Protection Erika Feller began her career at UNHCR in the 1980s, she said, ‘there was a big move… to put the refugee issue on the political agenda’.

We are 5! Watch our new video

Published on : 11/12/2018

Since its establishment five years ago, the Kaldor Centre and its world-leading research have directly influenced policy and public debate about protecting refugees and forced migrants. 

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What are the lessons of Australia’s special Syrian refugee intake?

Published on : 06/12/2018

Sometimes a crisis sparks concentrated action. In 2015, responding to the rising number of people fleeing war in the Middle East, Australia initiated a special program to resettle 12,000 extra refugees from Syria and Iraq, as part of a global effort.

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The Global Compacts: Kaldor Centre Resources

Published on : 06/12/2018

World leaders are trying to negotiate a better system for protecting refugees and migrants.

Welcome to our new website!

Published on : 01/12/2018

We are excited to announce the launch of the Kaldor Centre’s newly designed site, which coincides with our fifth birthday.

Voices of reason on refugees

Published on : 28/11/2018

Frustrated by the distortions, two refugees funded a centre focused on the facts about people seeking asylum.

Australia is wrong not to sign the Global Compact on Migration: Statement by Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill

Published on : 27/11/2018

It is regrettable, but not altogether surprising, to find Australia opting to stay away from the Global Compact on Migration.

Andrew and Renata Kaldor awarded UNSW’s highest honour

Published on : 20/11/2018

Accomplished business leaders Andrew Kaldor AM and Renata Kaldor AO, whose support enabled the establishment of the Kaldor Centre, have been awarded Honorary Doctorates from UNSW Sydney, in recognition of their eminent service to refugee law and policy.


The Kaldor Centre plays a vital role in developing legal, sustainable and humane solutions for displaced people around the world.