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‘Principles and Purpose – Stepping up to Refugee Protection in this Era of Displacement’: Michael Whincop Lecture

Published on : 20/11/2018

Kaldor Centre Professor Guy S Goodwin-Gill presents the 2018 Michael Whincup Memorial Lecture at Griffith University Law School on 23 October.

‘Welcome’ is Canada’s secret strategy: Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen

Published on : 19/11/2018

By Gigi Lockhart

Migrants and refugees are not only integral to Canada’s community identity, they are part of the nation’s economic strategy, Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen told an audience at UNSW’s Kaldor Centre.

Good evidence, bad politics

Published on : 18/11/2018

Discover how experts in the fields of climate change, migration, refugee law and disaster displacement get sound research into contentious policymaking debate, with our event ‘Good evidence, bad politics’ now available for podcast, download or online listen

Annual International Refugee Law Student Writing Competition

Published on : 13/11/2018

The American Society of International Law's International Refugee Law Interest Group (IRLIG) has announced its fifth annual International Refugee Law Student Writing Competition

Putting disaster-displaced people on the agenda: Jane McAdam

Published on : 18/10/2018

While some governments stall on climate change action, real steps are being taken to protect people displaced by its impacts. The Kaldor Centre's work has been central to real-world solutions, as Director Jane McAdam told UNSW's Town and Gown 2018 audience.

One year on: Myanmar and the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Published on : 24/08/2018

International lawyer Professor Guy S Goodwin-Gill has worked on issues related to child soldiers and to the protection of children in armed conflict. Lawyer Jason Pobjoy is the author of a recent ground-breaking study of children in international refugee law. These remarks introduce their joint legal opinion, which sets Myanmar’s obligations on the Convention on the Rights of the Child against the tragedy of the violence that broke out in Rakhine state one year ago.

Vale Barbara Harrell-Bond OBE

Published on : 16/07/2018

The Kaldor Centre is deeply saddened by the passing of Barbara Harrell-Bond OBE, a luminary in the field of refugee studies. As the founder of the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University, she was instrumental in creating ‘refugee studies’ as an area of academic endeavour. She was a passionate advocate of the rights of refugees, a mentor to many, and a true humanitarian.

Scientia PhD scholar and Kaldor Centre affiliate Regina Jefferies speaks with FBi Radio’s Backchat program

Published on : 10/07/2018

Compassion and strong borders are not mutually exclusive, Scientia PhD scholar and Kaldor Centre affiliate Regina Jefferies told FBi Radio’s Backchat program on Saturday, 23 June.

World Refugee Day 2018: We can do better and we have done better

Published on : 20/06/2018

"What is required, first off, is working together – not just States and governments, but communities and civil society. And working together requires listening, understanding, and often a compromise or two; it’s a process which, taken up in good faith, can lead to results in the common interest."

What’s Behind Zambia’s Growing Welcome to Refugees

Published on : 18/06/2018

Bucking global trends, Zambia has adopted more refugee-friendly policies amid a rising number of arrivals. Based on his research in Zambia, Kaldor Centre Visiting Scholar Nicholas Maple explains the authoritarian politics behind the progressive shift and the implications for advocates.


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