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US border troops can’t stop the need for refugee protection

Published on : 11/04/2018

As President Trump reinforces the US border against a ‘caravan’ of asylum seekers, the international community is seeking innovative pathways for refugees seeking safety.

What’s so special about Canada?

Published on : 15/03/2018

According to University of Toronto Chair in Human Rights Law Audrey Macklin, Canada’s unique program enabling groups of ordinary people to support a refugee’s resettlement is positively transformative – for the refugees, the sponsors, and for their communities and the citizenry at large. We invite you to watch the video from Professor Macklin's presentation 'What’s so special about Canada? How ordinary Canadians successfully sponsor refugees' hosted by the Kaldor Centre on 12 March 2018.

Five Questions: On Canada’s Refugee Sponsorship Program

Published on : 02/03/2018

Canada’s private sponsorship program seems to tap into the urge of ordinary people to help solve today’s global refugee challenge. Does it work, and is it a model for others?

Exit North: The impact of refugees fleeing Trump’s US for Canada

Dr Claire Higgins
Published on : 23/02/2018

Since President Donald Trump’s election, Canadian authorities intercepted thousands of people crossing the US border to claim asylum in Canada. Why, and how is this shaping the system in the northern neighbour that vowed to be ‘a compassionate country for refugees and asylum seekers’?

Can free-movement agreements help people displaced by climate change and disaster?

Published on : 06/02/2018

Environmental disasters and climate change are now the leading causes of displacement worldwide. Yet those forced from their homes by floods, drought, cyclones and earthquakes are not generally protected by international refugee law or other types of international protection.

Facing the humanitarian challenges to come

Published on : 27/11/2017

In his opening address to the Kaldor Centre Conference 2017, Acting Director Guy S. Goodwin-Gill's year in review surveys history to remind us that providing protection and finding solutions for refugees is a perpetual struggle.

The international protection system is failing refugee women and girls

Published on : 20/11/2017

For the first time in decades, world leaders are rethinking the legal frameworks that govern the movement of people across borders. And, remarkably, women and girls are there from the outset.

How world leaders are negotiating the polarising politics of refugees in the 21st century

Published on : 17/11/2017

For the first time in decades, world leaders are rethinking the legal frameworks that govern the movement of people across borders. When the Kaldor Centre Conference 2017 convenes on 24 November, key local, regional and global players in the negotiations will take stock of the talks and anticipate what might be achieved.

High stakes: Brokering a landmark compact on refugees

Published on : 17/11/2017

It’s hard to imagine a more difficult political context in which to be negotiating new global agreements on migrants and refugees. US President Donald Trump proclaims ‘America First,’ slashes refugee resettlement numbers, and continues to push construction of a massive wall on the US-Mexican border in spite of evidence and the opposition of many in his own party...

How a small Pacific community sparked constitutional innovation on citizenship

Published on : 16/11/2017

In 1945, the small Banaban community from Ocean Island in present-day Kiribati was relocated to Rabi Island in Fiji. The Banabans were granted considerable local autonomy within Fiji, as well as special rights of entry, residence and parliamentary representation in Kiribati...


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