Achieving better evidence, better answers, and better understanding   

"This is a centre of excellence that makes a difference in so many ways, not only in the academic field but also down to very concrete examples of differences that are being made for refugee populations.  No other entity has achieved such a catalytic role."

 -Thomas Albrecht, Regional Representative, UN High Commissioner for Refugees                                                                                                        

In late 2013, we came together to tackle one of the world’s most critical issues. Political and social tumult about refugees was growing, in Australia and abroad, fed by populist and ill-informed narratives. The Kaldor Centre was created as a counterpoint: to bring evidence, rationality and expertise to the discussion. As the world’s first research centre dedicated to the study of international refugee law, it has become renowned in just five short years as a global powerhouse on refugee law and policy.

We believe that better evidence, better answers and better understanding are urgently needed if we are to successfully meet the challenges of human displacement in the 21st century.

Better evidence means pursuing deeper research on the big challenges, not chasing easy opportunities for one-day headlines and short-term fixes. Our work is academically rigorous, but we are not stuck in an ivory tower – we seek to inform real change.

Better answers means creating evidence-based solutions with real world impact. We apply our expertise to develop concrete human rights-based strategies to improve protection for people forced from their homes. Respected as independent and non-partisan, we actively engage policymakers, civil society and the public to promote legal, sustainable and humane responses to displacement.

Better understanding emerges from the opportunities we create for informed dialogue, serving as a trusted resource and bringing people together across different sectors to exchange knowledge and generate ideas. We share our expertise widely, making our work meaningful and accessible to everyone.

We have pursued our mission with dedication and to great effect. This impact report allows you to read about some of the ways in which we have made a difference. 

Read the report here

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The Kaldor Centre plays a vital role in developing legal, sustainable and humane solutions for displaced people around the world.