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Christmas IslandThe Lowy Institute released its latest poll, conducted in February 2014, on Australian attitudes to a range of international issues. In relation to asylum seekers and refugees, the poll found:

  • 71% agreed the government should turn back boats when safe to do so
  • 59% support offshore processing in Nauru and PNG
  • 48% agree with temporary protection visas, and 49% disagree
  • 47% agreed that all asylum seekers should be processed onshore, whether or not they come by boat, with 56% of younger Australians agreeing with this
  • 42% agree that 'no asylum coming to Australia by boat should be allowed to settle in Australia’
  • 48% of people considered asylum seekers arriving by boat as a 'critical threat', the fifth greatest threat to Australia, but while this is of "strong concern to parts of the community, [it is] of lesser concern across the broader population"

Most people consider the asylum seeker issue the most important priority in relations with Indonesia.

The Kaldor Centre plays a vital role in developing legal, sustainable and humane solutions for displaced people around the world.