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Worried about how future people movements will impact Australia? You are not alone. Human rights, economic pressures, political questions and past experiences – when Australia took a different approach to refugees – are all discussed at the Sydney Opera House in this 15 August panel discussion, Breaking the Deadlock, co-presented by the Kaldor Centre and UNSW Sydney’s Grand Challenge for Refugees and Migrants.

Prof. Guy S Goodwin-Gill, barrister and scholar in international refugee law and Acting Director of the Kaldor Centre;
Prof. Gillian Triggs, former President of the Australian Human Rights Commission (2012–17);
Paris Aristotle, CEO of the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture Inc (Foundation House), who served on the Prime Minister’s Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers in 2012; and
Huy Truong, who came to Australia by boat in 1978 as a Vietnamese refugee, and is now CEO and co-owner of the ALI Group and a Founding Director of Thrive Refugee Enterprise.

Moderated by ABC broadcaster Fauziah Ibrahim.

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