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There is an element of obligation involved in Canada’s private sponsorship of refugees program, including commitments of sponsors’ resources and time. There is frustration, too, about big things like culture, and about small things like dentist appointments.

But overwhelmingly there is transformation.  

According to University of Toronto Chair in Human Rights Law Audrey Macklin, Canada’s unique program enabling groups of ordinary people to support a refugee’s resettlement is positively transformative – for the refugees, the sponsors, and for their communities and the citizenry at large.

Canada’s program is sparking interest from States around the world, including Australia.  Professor Macklin outlined its philosophical, legal and personal challenges and rewards in a presentation entitled What’s so special about Canada? How ordinary Canadians successfully sponsor refugees hosted by the Kaldor Centre on 12 March 2018.

We invite you to watch the video or listen to the podcast from this event.

Read more about Canada’s program and alternative pathways for refugees elsewhere.

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