Event details
Event Start Date: 14/03/2016
Event End Date: 14/03/2016

Location: Law Staff Common Room, Level 2, Law Building UNSW
(please see reception on Level 2 for directions)

This is a free event.  Registrations essential.

Welcoming refugees: how to create inclusive communities

How can we foster support for refugee inclusion and create welcoming environments in which refugees - and whole communities - can thrive?

David Lubell is leading a movement of inclusive communities across America, through his groundbreaking work at the award winning NGO, Welcoming America.

He shared his in-depth experience and expertise in immigrant and refugee integration, and discussed ways to increase local support for immigrants and refugees. His experience shows how inclusive communities can become more prosperous through making people feel like they belong.

David also discussed a new initiative in Australia called Welcoming Cities, which is being launched by the Scanlon Foundation and Welcome to Australia, in partnership with Welcoming America. Welcoming Cities is a new national program that will link local government leaders with the frameworks, resources, and organisations they need to create and strengthen inclusive communities across Australia.

podcast Audio from the event is available as a podcast on iTunes. 



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