Event details
Event Start Date: 27/03/2014
Event End Date: 27/03/2014
Time: 9.00am-12.00pm

Location: Galaxy Room, Vibe Hotel, 111 Goulburn Street

On 27 March 2014, 40 expert psychologists, forensic psychology students and refugee advocates gathered in Sydney to learn more about their role in the refugee determination process and the disciplinary differences which impact upon writing expert reports in legal contexts.

The three hour workshop, co-hosted by the Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law and the NSW College of Forensic Psychologists, explored the results of a recent inter-disciplinary study on refugee status decision-making, in order to draw together a range of recommendations for best practice.

Workshop presenters Professor Zachary Steel (Foundation Chair of Trauma and Mental Health, School of Psychiatry UNSW and St John of God Health Care – Richmond Hospital), Professor Jill Hunter (UNSW Law), and Mehera San Roque (UNSW Law) invited participants to consider strengths and weaknesses of example reports in order to tease apart psychological and legal constructs, practices, and expectations; and to highlight their complex, and at times counterproductive, interplay in the refugee status determination process.

Dr Kristy Martire

See also Tales of the Unexpected & Refugee Status Decision-making: Managing & Understanding Psychological Issues Among Refugee Applicants, Faculty of Law and Psychiatry Research and Teaching Unit, University of New South Wales, 2010

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