Bangladesh Rohingya Credit UNHCR Louise Donovan

Statelessness and getting to the meaning of nationality

Professor Guy S Goodwin-Gill

Professor Goodwin-Gill’s remarks were delivered at a 15 July 2021 European Network on Statelessness event marking the launch of the Statelessness Case Law Database

Who’s being allowed to leave Australia during COVID? FOI data show it is murky and arbitrary

Regina Jefferies and Jane McAdam

With outbreaks of COVID-19 in most states and territories, and low rates of vaccination, concerns have arisen again about who is being permitted to exit (and re-enter) the country.

A European Refugee Law: Blessing or Curse for the 1951 Convention?

Guy S Goodwin-Gill

The following are remarks delivered as part of a University of Lausanne Centre de droit comparé, européen et international (CDCEI) event on 16 June 2021.

Parliament House

The Migration Amendment (Clarifying International Obligations for Removal) Act 2021: A case study in the importance of proper legislative process

On 13 May 2021, the Migration Amendment (Clarifying International Obligations for Removal) Act 2021 (Cth) (‘Clarifying International Obligations Act’) was passed by both houses of federal Parliament, with bipartisan support. Its enactment was met with critique from refugee sector organisations, and defences from parliamentarians who voted for the law.

Federal Court awards $350,000 to unlawfully detained asylum seeker, opening door to further claims

In a significant judgment, Federal Court judge Geoffrey Flick on Monday ordered the Australian government to pay A$350,000 in damages to a Iraqi asylum seeker who was found to have been unlawfully held in immigration detention for over two years.


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