With billions more allocated to immigration detention, it's another bleak year for refugees

Refugees and asylum seekers will take little comfort from the 2021–22 budget. Resettlement places remain capped, while spending on offshore processing, immigration detention and deterrence measures remains high.

Rethinking international protection: Rescue at sea as a model?

The daily tragedies that disfigure the Mediterranean, notwithstanding the views of the Human Rights Committee and the better judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, raise serious doubts about the traditional oversight mechanisms as effective means of ensuring State compliance with the right to life.

Is Australia’s India travel ban legal? A citizenship law expert explains

There is a growing public and political outcry over the federal government’s sudden decision to ban Australians from coming home from India. But as everyone from Indian community leaders to human rights leaders, famous cricketers and Coalition MPs calls on the government to rethink the policy, is it legal?

Hidden from view: Refugees’ contributions to the development of early international refugee law and policy

A new examination of the historical record reveals that refugees and persons with lived refugee experience played a far more substantive role in the development of early international refugee law and policy than previously recognised.

How should Australia respond to asylum seekers arriving by sea during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Since the introduction of Operation Sovereign Borders in 2013, Australia has pursued a determined policy of intercepting and turning back asylum seekers trying to reach Australia by sea. Whether people are turned back at sea to their country of departure, or taken into Australian custody and then handed back directly to the authorities of that country, these practices have given rise to serious concerns about their compliance with international law.


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