Glimmers of hope for detained asylum seekers in the High Court’s Nauru decision

By Madeline Gleeson
First published in The Conversation, 3 February 2016

On Wednesday, over five separate judgments, the High Court dismissed a challenge to the legality of Australia’s offshore processing regime. The judgment has been reported as a “win” for the government. However, things may not be that clear-cut.

Refugees and an avalanche of numbers

By Claire Higgins and Rawan Arar
First published in the ANU Policy Forum, 30 December 2015

As Australia begins its resettlement of 12,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees, news has emerged that the same number of Syrians are currently stranded on the Jordanian border, seeking to join over 630,000 refugees already hosted in that country.

The high price of Australia's refugee policy

BY Dr Claire Higgins
First published in ANU's Asia & the Pacific Policy Society (APPS) Policy Forum, 6 November 2015

In the last three months, the Australian government has spent $280m detaining asylum seekers and settling refugees on Manus Island and Nauru. In that time, it has been alleged that some of these asylum seekers and refugees have been raped or suffered mental or physical ill health.

A crisis in collective will

By Professor Jane McAdam
First published in Law Society Journal, 6 November 2015

Professor McAdam argues that the real crisis is one of political will and that international cooperation, rather than unilaterialism, is the only way forward.

Lessons in refugee hospitality from the Horn of Africa

By Tamara Wood
First published in The Conversation, 23 October 2015

The unique response of the Horn of Africa region to Yemeni refugees could offer lessons to countries and regions dealing with similar influxes elsewhere.


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