Human rights metaphors: Revealing regional perspectives about Rohingya displacement since the Andaman Sea crisis

Rohingya displacement since the Andaman Sea crisis, and the metaphors used to describe it, are a powerful illustration that human rights remains a discourse of the powerful about the powerless – and now is the time for a more inclusive approach.

Responsibility for boat crises in ASEAN: Potential means and methods for accountability

So far accountability for boat crises in the ASEAN region have been ineffective. It’s time to consider new and even radical approaches that would send a clear message to the world and the region that inaction in the face of hundreds fleeing by boat to seek asylum will not be tolerated.

Why we Rohingya refugees risk our lives at sea

I put my life in the hands of smugglers and traffickers and arrived safely. Those still lost at sea today cannot speak up.

The Rohingya refugee crisis, international justice, and rethinking solutions

The current humanitarian challenge for Rohingya people can be managed with leadership, strategic planning, creative diplomacy, advocacy and a degree of political good luck, but luck alone is insufficient. There are solutions the Rohingya deserve, and they demand urgent consideration.

Resilience of youth: How young people are supporting displaced communities amid COVID-19

In Australia and around the world, young refugees and other youth are stepping up to support their host communities.


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