Nauru wrong over sacked judiciary - so is Australia

By Professor George Williams
First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 28 January 2014

he rule of law in Nauru lies in tatters. This is due to its government unilaterally and illegally stripping the judiciary of its most senior members. On January 19, the Nauruan government sacked magistrate Peter Law, and deported him back to Australia. He had frustrated the government by granting orders that restrained it from deporting two of its residents.

Playing God on asylum seekers is unacceptable

By Professor Jane McAdam
First published in The Drum, 5 December 2013

The fate of asylum seekers shouldn't be left in the hands of any one minister whose decisions can't be reviewed - that's why we need complementary protection legislation, writes Jane McAdam.

TPVs: ineffective, wasteful, cruel

By Jane McAdam
First published in The Age, 5 December 2013

The disallowance of the Migration Amendment (Temporary Protection Visas) Regulation 2013 may only provide a six-month reprieve, but it gives the opportunity to reflect on the detrimental impacts of this regime and how at odds Australia is with international practices.

Offshore processing centres are no place for asylum seeker children

By Jane McAdam
First published in The Conservation, 27 November 2013

Recent reports that three asylum seeker children have been transferred from Nauru back to Australia because of concerns about their health raises a more fundamental question that lies at the heart of Australia’s international legal obligations and decision-making.

Australia's draconian refugee policy is built on myths

By Jane McAdam
First published in The Guardian, 30 October 2013

At the heart of Australia’s hardline approach to asylum seekers is a fundamental misconception – the assumption that draconian measures will deter desperate people. And on top of such flawed logic many a politically expedient myth has been built.


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