Proposed citizenship test would forgo a ‘fair go for all’

By Khanh Hoang
First published in The Lowy Interpreter

The Australian Government this week introduced a new Bill into parliament to amend the Citizenship Act 2007. The move comes just two weeks after submissions to its discussion paper had closed – those submissions have not been made public...

Offshore detention: What the landmark settlement fails to resolve

By Dr Sangeetha Pillai
First published in The Interpreter

Australia’s largest ever immigration detention trial has ended before it began, with the largest human rights settlement in Australian legal history. The Australian government and its offshore detention contractors will pay $70 million in compensation to lead plaintiff Majid Kamasaee and 1904 other asylum seekers...

Minister to get unprecedented power if Australia’s new citizenship bill is passed

By Dr Sangeetha Pillai
First published in The Conversation, 16 June 2017

The government has introduced legislation to reform Australia’s citizenship regime, under the guise of strengthening the integrity of citizenship. The bill, if passed in its current form, confers sweeping new powers on the immigration minister...

Seven reasons the UN Refugee Convention should not include 'climate refugees'

By Professor Jane McAdam
First published in the Sydney Morning Herald, 7 June 2017

Critics of the United Nations Refugee Convention tend to fall into two camps. In one camp are those who think the treaty is too old to respond to the displacement challenges of the 21st century, such as climate change and disasters...

Plaintiff M96A and the elusive limits of immigration detention

By Dr Sangeetha Pillai
First published in AusPubLaw, 29 May 2017

In Plaintiff M96A/2016 v Commonwealth, the High Court unanimously held that a mother and daughter, who were transferred from detention in Nauru to Australia to obtain medical treatment, were validly held in immigration detention during their treatment. The case is the most recent piece in the evolving jurisprudential puzzle on the constitutional limits of mandatory immigration detention in Australia...


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