Displaced, disconnected, disregarded: the impact of COVID-19 on the lives of LGBTIQ+ people seeking asylum in Australia

Tina Dixson

The COVID-19 pandemic, isolation, quarantine and a general change in the way we live our lives have impacted everyone in Australia, but some more than others. The pandemic has magnified existing inequalities and structural barriers to services and support. This has been particularly true for LGBTIQ+ people seeking asylum. 

Is the 2016 Indonesian Presidential Regulation a potential 'game-changer’ on rescue of Rohingya boat refugees?

Susan Kneebone

Five years on from the 2015 ‘boat crisis’ in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, in which thousands of refugees and migrants in distress at sea were denied life-saving care and support, we are alarmed that a similar tragedy may be unfolding once more.’  

COVID-19 in Melbourne’s high-rise towers: Rights at stake?

Anthony Zwi

"It feels like we're a soft target because we don't have a big voice" 
                                                                 – A resident of one of Melbourne’s locked-down public-housing tower blocks


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