My Rohingya journey from statelessness to the US, via Malaysia and Manus Island

Imran Mohammad

The status of statelessness can easily be defined in a few words, but the fragility of being stateless, and the consequences one confronts as a result of it, can be really difficult to comprehend.  

Like thousands of Rohingya, I was born to stateless parents in Arakan State, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Statelessness was all I knew, from the day I was born. We weren't aware of the basic human rights which should have been our birthright but from which we were excluded.

On World Refugee Day, Moz's message from detention

Lauren Martin and Mostafa Azimitabar

Mostafa (Moz) Azimitabar’s message on World Refugee Day comes down to one word: Love.

Recognised as a refugee more than three years ago, Moz will deliver the message today from inside a hotel room, under guard and unable to leave. 

COVID-19 and the end of asylum

Daniel Ghezelbash

The hard-won institution of asylum is under threat. States around the world have shut their borders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s now near impossible for most asylum seekers to travel in order to access protection and there is a real risk that this may become the new normal. 


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