Knowing all of the law, all of the time – responding to COVID-19

Geoff Gilbert
Professor of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, University of Essex 

What about those left out of the stimulus package?

Australia’s massive economic support package to help the community through COVID19 has left out many of the most vulnerable people

The Trump Administration, COVID-19, and the continuing assault on the rights of asylum seekers and refugees

Sabi Ardalan
Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program

The twin calamities of climate change and COVID-19

Jane McAdam
Director, Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, UNSW Sydney

As Cyclone Harold devasted parts of the Pacific in mid-April, social distancing measures put in place for COVID-19 had to go by the wayside. In Vanuatu, which was the hardest hit, people fled to crowded evacuation centres or bunkered down together to try to shelter from the category 5 storm – the second of its kind to hit the country in five years.

We’re flying blind: The impact of COVID-19 on IDPs

Elizabeth Ferris
Georgetown University


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