Another Set of Heroes: Refugee women making the Global Compact on Refugees real amid COVID-19

Eileen Pittaway and Linda Bartolomei

Women and girls in three very different refugee sites – in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, and on the Thai-Burma border – are using their skills, knowledge and experience as “first responders” and being recognised as key to assisting other women and girls facing the COVID-19 pandemic. 

My Rohingya journey from statelessness to the US, via Malaysia and Manus Island

Imran Mohammad

The status of statelessness can easily be defined in a few words, but the fragility of being stateless, and the consequences one confronts as a result of it, can be really difficult to comprehend.  

Like thousands of Rohingya, I was born to stateless parents in Arakan State, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Statelessness was all I knew, from the day I was born. We weren't aware of the basic human rights which should have been our birthright but from which we were excluded.


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