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Kaldor Centre's Director, Professor Jane McAdam, and Director of the Lowy Institute's Pacific Islands Program, Jonathan Pryke, discuss their latest Policy Brief with Lauren Martin, 'Climate Change, Disasters and Mobility: A Roadmap for Australian Action'. 

Across the globe, the adverse impacts of disasters and climate change are prompting millions of people to move. Disasters now displace many more people within their countries each year than conflict, and the Asia-Pacific region is the hardest hit. Between 2008 and 2018, this region alone saw more than 80 per cent of all new disaster displacement.

Australia cannot afford to ignore the fact that in its own region, internal and cross-border displacement within and from the Pacific Islands is likely to increase as disasters intensify and become more frequent, exacerbated by the impacts of climate change. While Australia cannot stop such displacement altogether, it can implement policy changes now that would help to reduce its scale and impact. 

This podcast interview focuses on the role of mobility as a release valve for Pacific Islanders at risk of displacement in the context of disasters and climate change. It demonstrates why Australia should proactively develop laws and policies that enable people in the Pacific region to move out of harm’s way, thereby harnessing migration as a climate change adaptation strategy in its own right. 

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About the speakers

Jane McAdam is Scientia Professor of Law and Director of the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at the University of New South Wales.

Jonathan Pryke is Director of the Pacific Islands Program at the Lowy Institute, a foreign policy think tank based in Sydney.

Lauren Martin is an award-winning journalist and the Kaldor Centre’s Communications Officer.  





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