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On the 24 November 2017, the Kaldor Centre hosted its fourth annual conference, ‘The Global Compacts on Refugees and Migration’. This is a podcast of the presentation made by Fiona David, Executive Director of Global Research, Walk Free Foundation.  The presentation was entitled 'UN Global Compact on Migration: Preventing migrant smuggling and human trafficking'.

A full program, along with conference papers and presentations, can be found here.

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Recorded: 24 November 2017

About the Speaker

Fiona David is a lawyer and criminologist, focused on finding humane, practical solutions to migrant smuggling and human trafficking. She is the co-author of The International Law of Migrant Smuggling (Cambridge University Press 2014), with Dr Anne Gallagher. She is the Executive Director of Global Research with the Walk Free Foundation, where she leads the Foundation’s research on modern slavery in 167 countries. This includes research for the joint Global Estimate of Modern Slavery with the International Labour Organization and International Organization for Migration, and the Global Slavery Index. Ms David is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Nottingham.

The Kaldor Centre plays a vital role in developing legal, sustainable and humane solutions for displaced people around the world.