Podcast: Conference 2019 - Toward 'fair, transparent and protection-sensitive' credibility judgments

On 26 November 2019, the Kaldor Centre hosted its sixth annual conference, entitled 'Good decisions: Achieving fairness in refugee law, policy and practice'. This keynote address was presented by Dr Hilary Evans Cameron, a former litigator who represented refugee claimants for a decade. She holds a doctorate in refugee law from the University of Toronto, where she is a lecturer in the Ethics, Society and Law Program, in addition to being an Adjunct Professor at Osgood Hall Law School. It is entitled "Toward 'fair, transparent and protection-sensitive' credibility judgments."

Podcast: Refugee protected entry explained by Dr Claire Higgins

Politically, ‘stop the boats’ has been a winning slogan. But such policy in action is harsh and out of step with Australia’s international responsibilities. Around the world there are examples of safe ways for people to seek asylum without risking dangerous journeys, initiatives called complementary pathways.

Podcast: Launch of Refugee Rights and Policy Wrongs

It was the day after Australia's 27th Governor-General was sworn in, and Dr Kerryn Phelps AM noted his words as she launched the new book from Kaldor Centre Director Jane McAdam and Fiona Chong, Refugee Rights and Policy Wrongs: ‘He said, Australians are good people, well-intentioned people. I ran that through my internal logic filter, and found myself thinking, That's how we like to think of ourselves, but…’

Podcast: Launch of the Kaldor Centre's Australian Principles & Priorities for Refugee Policy

When Australians talk about people seeking asylum, the discussion tends to be 'emotional and often not very thought through', but the Kaldor Centre Principles for Australian Refugee Policy challenge us to change that debate, said UNSW Chancellor David Gonski AC as he launched the evidence-based policy agenda on 13 June at Wotton + Kearney in Sydney.

Podcast: Emergency resettlement: From one Saudi teen to millions of Syrian refugees

On the 13 February 2019, the Kaldor Centre convened a panel event entitled 'Emergency resettlement: From one Saudi teen to millions of Syrian refugees'. The event was kindly hosted by law firm Allens.


The Kaldor Centre plays a vital role in developing legal, sustainable and humane solutions for displaced people around the world.