Podcast interview with Jamie Isbister: DFAT and the Global Compacts

Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is actively involved in international talks to develop the two Global Compacts, one for refugees and one on migration. As the Department's Head of Humanitarian, NGOs and Partnerships Division, Jamie Isbister is leading DFAT’s work toward the Global Compacts, advocating for Australia’s perspectives on better addressing refugee and displacement crises. He talks about the process and possible outcomes.

Podcast: History, Headlines and the Law: What's shaping refugee policy in Australia?

How has Australia moved from a humanitarian approach to asylum seekers – and is there a way back? How is public opinion influenced by the actions and attitudes of politicians and the media?  What impact can international law and the legal profession have?

Podcast: How do Italy’s orderly Humanitarian Corridors work?

Italy’s church-led Humanitarian Corridors are changing the lives of some vulnerable Syrian refugees. So far, in 18 months, about 850 refugees have been resettled. The Italian government says the initiative sends “a message to Europe that there is no need for new walls or fences”.

Podcast: 5 Questions on safezones with Professor Geoff Gilbert

This podcast answers five questions about so-called safe zones. To answer them, we have Professor Geoff Gilbert, Law Professor at the University of Essex and Visiting Fellow at UNSW Sydney.

Podcast: Remote Control of Asylum Seekers: The US Experience

This podcast was recorded at the event entitled 'Remote Control of Asylum Seekers: The US Experience'. This event was hosted by the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law on the 11 April 2017.  

As the Trump administration casts immigration to the forefront of its agenda, Professor David FitzGerald, from the University of California San Diego, offered a global, domestic and historical context for the latest American plans. 


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