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Making a donation to the Kaldor Centre in your will is a powerful way to support our work. More information is available here.

I first became aware of the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law when I read some of its publications, which I felt reflected a principled, human rights-focused approach to one of the world’s most disturbing challenges. While the media tends to portray refugees and asylum seekers as second-class people, living in dangerously filthy camps and slums, or undertaking ‘illegal’ journeys to find protection, the Kaldor Centre’s academics provide a welcome voice of reason. They carefully scrutinise what governments and world organisations are – and are not – doing to protect people in vulnerable situations.


My first donation to the Centre was in 2017, and since then, I have donated several times each year. I have seen the Centre build its international reputation as a thought-leader on refugee protection, and play an important role advising on domestic legal and policy changes. 


I believe the Centre will always have work to do, something that has become even more important during the current pandemic. The Centre has demonstrated its hallmark agility and responsiveness by examining how governments’ responses to COVID-19 are adversely impacting on refugees and people seeking asylum. The Centre is working to ensure that these groups do not face discrimination or deprivation. 


On-going funding of such work is critical for future generations. For this reason, I have decided to give to the Kaldor Centre in my will. I am leaving a significant portion of my estate as an investment to help secure the Centre’s future.


Ron Baumann


The Kaldor Centre plays a vital role in developing legal, sustainable and humane solutions for displaced people around the world.