National, Regional and Global Perspectives on Refugee Law

20 November 2015

Keynote speaker: Ms Erika Feller

This Policy Brief on human rights, climate change and crossborder displacement is the result of a project led by Professor Jane McAdam, Director of the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, and Marc Limon, Executive Director of the...

This question was discussed at a recent symposium organised by the Kaldor Centre in conjunction with the Migration Law Program (ANU) and the Centre for Refugee Research (UNSW).

The symposium, held on the 24 July 2015, brought together...

Professor Jane McAdam, Kaldor Centre Director, is featured in the latest video in a series by UNSWTV called 'Catastrophic Science'. The series showcases cutting edge UNSW research projects resulting from catastrophes such as fires, tsunamis,...

The loss of over 700 lives in a single incident in the Mediterranean on 18 April 2015, following a six-day period in which over 10,000 migrants were rescued, has sparked renewed debates about what policies Europe should adopt to manage boat...

Latest News

Coming to grips with Europe's refugee crisis

Professor Jane McAdam

First published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The European migration "crisis" has become one of the main global news stories this year. Some 300,000 refugees and migrants have already entered Europe by sea, with projections that many more will arrive before the year's end.

Migrant Crisis: What Else Could Europe Try?


Professor Jane McAdam speaks with BBC World Inquiry.

Tens of thousands of migrants continue to queue at the borders of the European Union in search of a better life. Their journeys are often hazardous and thousands have drowned in the Mediterranean trying to reach Italy or Greece. Attempts to share the burden among EU member states have been dogged by internal politics. And Europe’s actions so far have focussed on deterrence despite little evidence that such a strategy will work. So, in this week’s BBC World Inquiry, asks what else Europe could try.

Upcoming talk by Professor McAdam – ‘Resettlement from Nauru: A cautionary tale'


Presentation by Professor Jane McAdam, hosted by the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) on Tuesday 1st September 2015 6:00pm. Tickets available for members and non-members.

Catastropic Science: the communities displaced by global warming


Professor Jane McAdam, Kaldor Centre Director, is featured in the latest video in a series by UNSWTV called 'Catastrophic Science'.

Footing the Bill: Refugee-Creating States' Responsibility to Pay


By Guy S. Goodwin-Gill and Selim Can Sazak

First published in Foreign Affairs.

Nearly a century has passed since the League of Nations appointed the first High Commissioner for Refugees, and the international community’s treatment of such displaced persons has come a long way since. Millions have been displaced by conflict and persecution, but have also found protection in the form of refuge in another country or through the opportunity eventually to return safely to their own. This success, however, does not mean that the current system for handling refugees is sufficiently effective or accountable.

Human rights, climate change and cross-border displacement - new report by Jane McAdam and Marc Limon


Despite a growing recognition of the human rights implications of climate change, and that adherence to human rights principles can help to strengthen climate policymaking, relatively few steps have been taken to bring a rights perspective to climate negotiations. Likewise, beyond expressing concern about a human rights protection gap for people displaced across borders in the context of climate change, the UN has not done enough to consider how to fill that gap. This Policy Report, written for Geneva-based human rights think tank, Universal Rights Group, analyses what the UN can and should do to address these issues.

Experts are being edged out of the refugee review system. Why?

Dr Claire Higgins

First published in The Guardian.

Experienced decision makers are essential to our justice system. For asylum seekers, they can mean the difference between life and death. News that a number of experienced decision makers from the Refugee Review Tribunal and Migration Review Tribunal have not been re-appointed by the government raises concerns about the quality and impartiality of this review mechanism.

Professor Goodwin-Gill's address on 'Regulating “Irregular” Migration: International Obligations and International Responsibilities'

Emeritus Professor Guy S Goodwin-Gill

Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill, a member of the Kaldor Centre's Advisory Committee, gave an address to an international workshop held by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Faculty of Law, 20 March 2015.

Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill speaks on challenges for refugee protection and assistance in the 21st century

Emeritus Professor Guy S Goodwin-Gill

Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill, a member of the Kaldor Centre's Advisory Committee, gave an address to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Ad Hoc Committee on Large Scale Arrivals of Refugees to Turkey on the 14 June 2015.

Call for papers: International Refugee Law Student Writing Competition


The American Society of International Law’s International Refugee Law Interest Group (IRLIG) has announced its second annual International Refugee Law Student Writing Competition.

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