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This year, we will celebrate five years since the Kaldor Centre was established. In this time, we have developed a trusted, powerful voice on international...

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The ‘White Australia’ policy was not long gone when the first refugees from communist Vietnam sailed into Darwin Harbour, seeking asylum and inadvertently challenging the Fraser government to reject now-familiar policies such as turnbacks and...

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Peter Dutton’s decisions on the au pairs are legal - but there are other considerations


Amid controversy over the Minister for Immigration granting tourist visas to foreign au pairs against the advice of senior Border Force officials, Dr Sangeetha Pillai explains the scope of the minister’s legal power to grant visas in such instances, and the issues at play.

Rising seas will displace millions of people – and Australia must be ready


By Jane McAdam and John Church

Sea-level rise is already threatening some communities around the world, particularly small island states, as it exacerbates disasters resulting from storm surges and flooding.

people leaving flooded area with belongings

Rights for people forced out by climate change


In one area, at least, the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration represents a significant breakthrough: it expressly recognises that climate change, disasters and environmental degradation can drive people to leave their homes.

Sea breaking up road

One year on: Myanmar and the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Professor Guy S Goodwin-Gill

International lawyer Professor Guy S Goodwin-Gill has worked on issues related to child soldiers and to the protection of children in armed conflict. Lawyer Jason Pobjoy is the author of a recent ground-breaking study of children in international refugee law. These remarks introduce their joint legal opinion, which sets Myanmar’s obligations on the Convention on the Rights of the Child against the tragedy of the violence that broke out in Rakhine state one year ago.

Special presentation by Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen on refugees, migrants and integration

He came to Canada at 16, a Somali seeking asylum, and now Ahmed Hussen is the country’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. Join this lawyer, refugee and national leader on Friday 31 August, at UNSW’s Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, to hear his singular insights into Canada’s efforts to successfully integrate new citizens.

FridayAug 312018

Good evidence, bad politics: Overcoming the noise in climate change and migration policy

Evidence matters. Yet even before “fake news” became a political weapon, it’s been notoriously difficult to get evidence into the policymaking process. How can we keep good evidence from being overwhelmed by bad politics?

Join us as three world-renowned experts talk about their experience from the front lines of research and policymaking in contentious areas – climate change, refugees and, where the two meet, climate change- and disaster-related displacement.

ThursdayAug 232018

Legal analysis: Myanmar violating Rights of the Child obligations


The Myanmar Government’s treatment of Rohingya children violates core provisions of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, according to a legal opinion co-authored by Professor Guy S. Goodwin-Gill of UNSW’s Kaldor Centre and Dr Jason Pobjoy, a barrister at Blackstone Chambers in London.

Since the violent attacks targeting the stateless Muslim minority Rohingya in August 2017, nearly 700,000 people are estimated to have fled into Bangladesh, half of them children.

Vale Barbara Harrell-Bond OBE


The Kaldor Centre is deeply saddened by the passing of Barbara Harrell-Bond OBE, a luminary in the field of refugee studies. As the founder of the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University, she was instrumental in creating ‘refugee studies’ as an area of academic endeavour. She was a passionate advocate of the rights of refugees, a mentor to many, and a true humanitarian.

Scientia PhD scholar and Kaldor Centre affiliate Regina Jefferies speaks with FBi Radio’s Backchat program


Compassion and strong borders are not mutually exclusive, Scientia PhD scholar and Kaldor Centre affiliate Regina Jefferies told FBi Radio’s Backchat program on Saturday, 23 June.

Community-led refugee sponsorship: What can Australia learn from the UK experience?

Ordinary citizens around the world are coming together to sponsor refugees, an experience that can transform individual lives and strengthen communities. As Australia is now shaping its own refugee private sponsorship initiative, it’s a critical time to learn from international best practice.

ThursdayJul 262018
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